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How to Make the Perfect Pale Lager

21/09/2018 | The craft-beer world is suddenly awash with pale lager. Inspired by the German and Czech traditions, brewers are turning their hand to this most testing of beers.


Beer Distribution in the USA

18/08/2018 | Most important question for a new brewer in the United States: who do we trust to distribute our beer? Brendan Palfreyman's thoughts on this.


Key Trends Right Now In American Craft Beer

15/08/2018 | Given the size of the market, it can be difficult to pick out trends: what’s happening in California, home to nearly 800 breweries. But there are things worth highlighting. Here’s our pick of the key trends right now in American craft beer.


The best places to drink beer in Manchester

26/07/2018 | Manchester is a great city for beer drinkers. There’s a perfect blend of traditional pubs, modern craft-beer bars, and places where excellent beer is just one element in a greater whole.


Best Beer Bloggers in the USA

11/07/2018 | We have put together a list of best beer bloggers in the USA that you should know. Below is a brief on each.