Seven Competitive Spirits To Try This 2023 Super Bowl

09/02/2023 2022 USA Ratings Recommends seven thirst-quenching beverages from all spirit categories to remain pumped this Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl is finally here, and it's time to gather your squad, break out the snacks, and get ready for some football! But let's be real, we all know the real stars of the show are the commercials and the delicious brands that make this event so much more enjoyable. So, forget the Xs and O's, let's focus on the YUMs and the YAYs! Here are some top-notch winners at USA Ratings 2022,  that will add some extra flavor to your Super Bowl festivities:

1) Thomaston Lager By Clocktown Brewing Company

This 95-pointer Pale Bitter European Beer

Thomaston Lager By Clocktown, Beer of the Year 2022, a Pale Bitter European Beer that scored 95 points and caught all the eyes at USA Beer Ratings.     

What Judges Had To Say?

Clear and crisp flavor with a bready, pilsner-like Hop bitterness on the palate. The earthy and spicy flavor on the nose. Great balance between hop bitterness and pilsner malt flavor with a warm finish.

Thomaston Lager

2) Airborne Belgian Brown ale By Airborne Beer Lux Sàrl

Country - Belgian. 89 points. Best in Trappist Ale.  

What Judges Had To Say?

Aroma and flavors of spice, caramel, and toast on the nose and palate with slight alcohol heat. Plum-like bitterness balanced with the sweetness of fruit leading to a smooth crisp finish.

Airborne Belgian Brown

3) Merklinske Romaneto By Pivovar Petr Petruzalek

88 Points. Best in IPA. What Judges Had To Say?

Pleasant passionfruit, pine, and hoppy aroma with lovely notes of smoke, grass, and lemon. Moderate bitterness with a light body and light malt flavors.

Merklinske Romaneto

4) Rival House Amber Lager. 

87 Points. 

What judges had to say?

Wort-like malt and spicy, earthy hop aroma. Grainy, crisp apples, and honey notes on the palate. Light body character with high carbonation.

5) Tom Cat Gin

91 points

What judges had to say?

Beautiful cedar nose and sweet expressions on the palate with hints of magnolia and vanilla. Notes of pine, butterscotch, cinnamon, and clove. Well-balanced and has a pleasant flavor profile.

6) Copper Sky Wheated Whisky

94 Points

What judges had to say?

Flavors of apple, stone fruit, and spice with notes of banana muffins, grains, and nuts on the palate. Fruit cake on the nose with a slightly sweet sherry influence. Great texture followed by an oaky finish.

7) Tequila Anejo By Cutwater Spirits

91 points

Tequila Anejo By Cutwater Spirits

What judges had to say?

Hints of chiles on the nose, with aromas of herbs, nice ripe stone fruit, and cacao on the palate. Silky mouthfeel with great floral effervescence followed by a nice, smooth finish.

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